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Village Building Information

Hopewell has chosen to use the building codes established at the International, Federal, State, and County levels, with a few additions as documented in the links below. If the code in question is not mentioned on the website, then the nearest code applies: County > then State > then Federal > then International. Establishment of Districts. 

Village Codes

For the purpose of this Zoning Code, all land within the Village of Hopewell is hereby designated on the Zoning Map as being in the following district:

R-1 Single-Family Residential

Use Permitted in the R-1 District. Single family dwellings and home occupations.

Village Code Book

Utilities, School District, and Emergency Services
Construction Permit Application
Certificate of Occupancy

Job Descriptions of Elected Officials

Job Description – Clerk
Job Description – Trustee
Job Description – Board President/Mayor

Taxes & Appropriations

Hopewell Tax Levy 2019

Hopewell Supplemental 2019 Appropriation Ordinance 

Hopewell Appropriation Ordinance 2019

Annual Treasurer’s Report

2019 Annual Treasurer’s Report

Village Environmental Information

Annual Drinking Water Quality (Consumer Confidence) Report
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Notice

Social Media Policy Statement

Social Media Policy

Prevailing Wage Ordinance

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 2018-02 passed by the Village Board on June 19, 2018, the Village of Hopewell has adopted the prevailing wage rates ascertained by the Illinois Department of Labor for Marshall County, which can be found at the following website maintained by the Illinois Department of Labor:

Marshall County Prevailing Wage Rates

Small Wireless Facilities Ordinance

Small Wireless Facilities Ordinance

Sexual Harassment Policy

Village of Hopewell Sexual Harassment Policy

Village of Hopewell Map


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