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Community Wide Garage Sales

The map to participating homes as well as sale descriptions can be found at this link. The Facebook Event Page also has the map and list saved.

Date: Saturday June 10th

Time: 8am to 3pm

Please continue to place your own signs to direct people to your individual sale. A large sign has been placed at the bottom of the hill to capture traffic on Route 29.


11 May 23

The Village is looking to hire additional maintenance staff for the 2023 season. The pay for this position is $15.00 per hour. If interested please email

26 Apr 23

We have decided to cancel the April 26th CPR class due to several last minute cancellations. We apologize for the inconvenience.

29 Mar 23

You may experience a temporary drop in water pressure due to flushing a hydrant. Please be patient with us. The pressure should be back to normal soon.

14 Mar 23

Friendly reminder that the receptacle behind the Village Hall is for aluminum cans only. Also, please refrain from dumping used tires next to it. This costs the Village time and resources to dispose of properly. Thanks for your cooperation!

4 Mar 23

If you are experiencing low water pressure, it should be back to normal soon. A hydrant needed to be flushed at the back entrance and it has caused a small dip in pressure. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused!

2 Mar 23

We have received a few notifications from concerned citizens about kids playing and digging on the side of the main entrance hill. Their parents have been notified and are addressing the situation.

As a general caution, no one should be playing, climbing or especially digging anywhere on the hill. Not only is it dangerous, it can cause erosion problems or slides.

28 Jan 23

Good news! The village dump truck is fixed and ready to get back to work.

The truck will be out spreading salt and cinders soon to prep for this evenings snow.

26 Jan 23

We are aware of the icy conditions on the hill and roads this morning. Unfortunately, the brakes went out on the dump truck used to spread the salt/cinder mix, hence the delay in treatment. We have two plow trucks, but only this one has a dump bed. The other truck holds the tank for the brine sprayer.

We have contacted Steuben Township and they have graciously offered to help us out by sending a truck over to get the hill taken care of as soon as possible. We apologize for the hazards this caused during the morning rush.

As a reminder, if you see any slippery conditions, missed roads or other hazards, please call the office at (309) 274-5145 and leave a voicemail for all. These messages go directly to the trustees and maintenance staff. Residents can also email or send a direct message via the official Village of Hopewell, IL Facebook page.

*Please note: trustees and staff do not monitor the Neighborhood Group page so questions or comments posted there will not be replied to.

Hopewell Happenings

The village will be sharing monthly newsletters to keep our residents informed of what’s happening around Hopewell. See past editions below by clicking on the buttons.