Upcoming Events

Fall Gathering, celebrating our 40th anniversary

Join us for our annual Fall Gathering at the park on October 14th. This year we will also be honoring the Village of Hopewell’s 40th anniversary. Help us celebrate with food, drinks, yard games and a bonfire.

We will have games starting at 4pm, and dinner will be at 6pm. Bring a dish or dessert to share if you choose. The Village Board will provide food and water/soda (feel free to bring your own drink of choice).

There will be some straw bales and picnic tables available for seating, but please bring a lawn chair or blanket just in case.

We will also have goodie bags for the kids to take home!

If you have a cornhole (bags) set or any other yard games you’d like to bring, feel free. Anyone interested in helping set up or coordinate, please email clerk@villageofhopewell.com

Trick or Treat in the Village

Hopewell’s designated village wide trick or treat event will take place on October 30th (Monday) from 5-7 pm. Those wishing to pass out candy to the trick or treaters should turn on porch or garage lights so they know you are home.

Please use caution when driving through the village during these hours. 

News and Notices

29 Sept 23

Maintenance will be flushing a hydrant near the front entrance. This may cause a temporary drop in water pressure.

20 Aug 23

Maintenance has flushed the hydrants on Black Partridge, Tecumseh, Brown Eagle and the corner of Hopewell and Boylad. They will be continuing to flush hydrants on Blackhawk Ct. on Monday so continue to use caution with laundry. You may also experience decreased water pressure. Thanks for your patience as we get this done!

18 Aug 23

Maintenance will be flushing hydrants again this morning/afternoon. Please refrain from washing clothes in case there is an issue with the water like last time. Water pressure could also dip while this is occurring. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Continue to watch Facebook or the village website for updates.

15 Aug 23

We’ve had several reports of brown or yellow water around the village since flushing a hydrant yesterday. The hydrant being flushed was on Tecumseh. The water should continue to improve today.

Our water operator also reported that there is a filter down in our treatment area, which could be adding to the color and pressure issues. We are bypassing that filter until it can be repaired/replaced.

Unfortunately our entire water system is not capable of handling hydrant flushing in bulk, and all hydrants need to be flushed. With the planned new system this shouldn’t be an issue, but we are still at least a year and a half out on that. It is a slow process but we are continuing to make progress on getting the new system project going.

We apologize for the problems this has caused. Please continue to be patient with us as we are all volunteers and doing the best that we can with the knowledge we have.

14 Aug 23

Our maintenance crew will be flushing several fire hydrants over the next few days. You may experience temporary drops in water pressure while this is occurring.

Hopewell Happenings Newsletter

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