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28 Jan 23

Good news! The village dump truck is fixed and ready to get back to work.

The truck will be out spreading salt and cinders soon to prep for this evenings snow.

26 Jan 23

We are aware of the icy conditions on the hill and roads this morning. Unfortunately, the brakes went out on the dump truck used to spread the salt/cinder mix, hence the delay in treatment. We have two plow trucks, but only this one has a dump bed. The other truck holds the tank for the brine sprayer.

We have contacted Steuben Township and they have graciously offered to help us out by sending a truck over to get the hill taken care of as soon as possible. We apologize for the hazards this caused during the morning rush.

As a reminder, if you see any slippery conditions, missed roads or other hazards, please call the office at (309) 274-5145 and leave a voicemail for all. These messages go directly to the trustees and maintenance staff. Residents can also email or send a direct message via the official Village of Hopewell, IL Facebook page.

*Please note: trustees and staff do not monitor the Neighborhood Group page so questions or comments posted there will not be replied to.

28 Nov 22

We are excited to announce that the Village truck has been upgraded with a new brine sprayer to use this winter season. The sprayer will allow for more time and ease in pretreating the hill and roads before icing begins, and will be less expensive for the village in the long run.

16 Nov 22

To address complaints of speeding and help with safety on the main entrance hill, the village will soon be installing new traffic signs. A letter with the full details will be sent to all residents.

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